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Cost: $1,997
Do you want to travel the world together and collect amazing experiences?

Millions do not travel because it gets scary with so many unknown variables that may arise. On this LIVE program, I show you the ropes and share over three years of travel experience with you and two other students.

Throughout the course, we will work together to help you create the lifestyle of your dreams, make incredible memories you'll remember for the rest of your life and have you leave with peace of mind knowing you can handle any obstacles that may arise.

Everything ranging from: overcoming the fear of traveling alone, how to travel the world for a living, how to handle stressful situations, navigating through foreign countries, how to create an online source of income, steps to expand your network to an international level and so much more.
Cost: $0
In this online course I teach the core fundamentals every beginner needs to know in order to get started today. 

Inside there are three training videos...

1. How To Travel The World On $30 Per Day
2. How To Fly Around The World For Less Than $1000
3. How To Take Off Overseas When You "Have No Money"
Cost: $47 per month
Inside I cover everything related to traveling the world. From how to get paid while traveling all the way to a complete breakdown of passports and visas. How to easily meet new people to travel with, step by step how to get the cheapest accommodation anywhere in the world and so much more.

New videos are released every month to fit the needs to every Academy member. In addition, you will get access to the exclusive community of travelers from across the globe and get to join me every month on 2x live Q&A calls.
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