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Why is it so hard for an individual to accept the Truth of a situation?

Perhaps it’s easier for him to go about his life, reaffirming to himself a delusional story, that’s completely disconnected from objective facts of the matter. Only for him to misinterpret these facts to placate to his ego. Maybe it’s convenient to victimize others instead of accepting responsibility that he’s the one common denominator in every chaotic situation that unfolds.

The probability of accepting the Truth is extremely low these days. Unfortunately for an individual to ‘wake up’ it requires them to go through a traumatic life experience: end of an intimate relationship, fired from your job, death of a loved one, etc.

Let’s be honest here: why go through the consequences and repercussions, only to experience negative emotions when the ego cares nothing more than to seek pleasures while avoiding pain. Your ego wants to nothing to do with words like: Responsibility and Truth.

Most people say “ignorance is bliss” but in my opinion, there’s absolutely nothing blissful about being ignorant.

But what “IF” an individual does get a rude awakening with nowhere else to hide? What happens “IF” he no longer has the stamina to remain ignorant, but is forced to accept that one critical Truth? Only to discover that dozens other Truths are behind that first one…

What happens when this individual accepts the first Truth falls back to the next one?

There’s a domino effect that requires him to reevaluate: everything.

This building known as your belief system comes crashing down due to a weak foundation. Critical mistakes were made since the beginning of it’s construction. Flawed designs from the very start of writing the blueprint in the first place.

The individual’s belief system, current habits and behavior, past decisions, ideologies, his current peer group, overall lifestyle and everything in between gets put into question. This overwhelms their entire sense of Being to say the least ie. mid life crisis

You see far too much is at stake here. Especially when you consider the fact that he’s been romanticizing with his outdated beliefs for years to decades of his life.

People would rather die than change their current belief systems. In fact, billions throughout history actually have died, never coming up with their own individualistic thoughts.


Side note: knowledge and education is evolving at an exponential rate due to modern society’s technological advancements. To hold onto past beliefs – without re-evaluating or refining our beliefs with the incredible tools available to you now – will results in severe disadvantages in an environment that never remains stagnate. Human beings are not the strongest, largest or fastest species on earth, yet we’re at the top of the food chain after millions of years living through harsh conditions flooded with life or death situations. If the right decision isn’t made within seconds, you are dead. Even with the odds stacked against us, we have not gone into extinction (like many other species before us). We’ve become such a dominate species because of the sole fact: we’re the most ADAPTABLE species to have ever walked this planet. Our mind is the main reason why we thrive today.

Now back to Truth.

After the individual accepts many Truths, it is extremely common to go through an existential crisis. It requires him to question his entire way of life. It’s acknowledging that something is seriously wrong due to a combination of past decisions and circumstances.

You don’t know why something feels off, but you are willing to trust your instincts and go find out why… even if that requires you to experience short term pain in exchange for extraordinary long term outcomes.

To voluntarily put yourself into an existential crisis by accepting Truths is a courageous act – never be ashamed by the life altering experience(s).

Be completely honest with yourself here.

Could you really deal with the fact that everything you’re doing now will lead to a dead end? How about the thought of having to completely start over from scratch? Can’t forget the possibility of having no idea where to start then deal with that ambiguity.

Here’s a very sad, yet sobering Truth…

People rather not pursue their desired life outcomes for countless reasons, but this one particularly stuck out to me above them rest.

If people did go on that pursuit of happiness then end up failing – they would conclude their entire life existence was meaningless. The vast majority would rather go about their lives, living below their standards, in exchange for watching their “dream life” happen in the figment of their imagination. This mental fantasy gets played on repeat. It’s what gets them through their days until they die.

Reread that last paragraph again as it is critical you allow that to sink in.

Sadly, they will never get to experience that “dream life” (for lack of a better term) if they continue walking down their current path and avoiding Truths.

This may seem like an abrupt ending, but really this is just the beginning. Unfortunately, I can’t communicate all my paradigm shifts, epiphanies, complex ideas and elaborate concepts over to you in one simple article. It requires a series of articles for me to even breach the surface.

With that said, I will leave you with this last bit on the topic of Truth.

Seeking Truth, this constant evolving entity, is an invaluable habit that will radically change your life for the better… if you learn how to know Truth then live by it.

Never be overly romanticizing with Truth. It’s not an idealization that you wish it to be static that has one set and stone definition. It’s actually quite tricky to handle as it’s constantly mutating and evolving. Even when you think you’ve grasped Truth – know that Truth is only temporary until it’s no longer resourceful to your current circumstances. Every connotation associated with the word Truth will change in the foreseeable future. Know that new Truths comes in cycles: it’s a journey that never comes to an end as it’s a ride to be enjoyed throughout your lifetime.

How can you put this into practice today?

Ask the hard questions that make you feel uncomfortable. Challenge people’s answers when you feel like they’re bullshiting themselves and you. Elicit confrontational debates in order to see how well one (and yourself) know what they’re talking about. Keep asking the type of questions that make your gut wrench – that’s when you know that you’re on the right path.

It’s a radical life changing habit to engage in day to day which needs to be constantly put into practice.

Otherwise if you do not engage in these behaviors, you’ll fall into the trap of avoiding the Truth out of fear.


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