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I have ZERO intention to withhold valuable information that has tremendously benefited my own life in order to make a profit. I can generate my income from other sources – not by selling you a $1,997 online course…

You see other than wanting to contribute something back to society – I’m starting this “blog” for one main reason.

I’m completely fed up with fake ass gurus with zero integrity pretending to be this altruist that goes around preaching “I want to change the world and help you” yet these same individuals have the audacity to simultaneous play the “capitalist” with a hidden agenda to profit off you.

In my eyes, it’s equivalent to a celebrity going onto the media bragging how good and altruistic he is. When in reality, he didn’t help feed a starving child when he had the chance because there was nothing the child could offer in exchange for his food.

side note: it’s not that I dislike capitalism as I am a capitalist myself – I hate the fact that these people lack the integrity to own up to their intensions and put on a fake mask.

Whenever I write for a very specific type of individual: has terrible life circumstances, many disadvantages with little to no skills, deeply wants to change his life as waking up is a living hell. Extremely hungry to learn and improve to make life better but doesn’t have the financial resources available to do so.

Let’s be real here. we live in a world full of social media “influencers” sharing some cliche motivational quote found on Google.

Maybe it’s a chick trying to become an “instagram model” that preaches about self acceptance to her followers, yet bought herself (or her sponsor) a pair of fake tits just six months prior due to her unresolved insecurity…

Perhaps it’s a dude that does these cringeworthy poses in front of the camera because he hopes it’ll increase his “followers” as he so desperately seeks that validation to be viewed as one of the “cool” kids back in high school and craves that recognition he never got…

You see I’m a strong believer in: before you preach anything you must embody the knowledge that you are speaking. Otherwise learn when to shut your mouth and keep DOING it more than you talk about it.

Talking about it is cheap and pathetic… actually Being about it is a completely different beast that requires integrity to handle it.

Warning: Things will be very different here as I am known for being extremely blunt with my honest approach and uncensored way of communicating.

I am not the type of person to stroke your ego as so many often do these days in a woo-woo type of culture, fear of being labeled as negative or disliked by people.

If you’re looking to put a temporary feel good bandage on a deep wound without putting in the work to resolve the issue – you are definitely in the wrong place. In fact you should leave now and go read someone else’s feel good “content”.

With that being said…

I sincerely hope I can help you find your Truth in the process of it all.